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As Colorado grows and changes, especially along the urbanizing Front Range of the Rockies, vestiges of an older Colorado will slowly fade away, and eventually vanish. A few images of that “Vanishing” Colorado — in their waning days — can be found here.

Cherry Creek State Park Scenes Winter 2015

One of my ongoing “models” for photography relaxation is nearby Cherry Creek State Park. The day after Thanksgiving 2015, the Colorado state parks system opened up the parks for free, offering up an alternative to Black Friday. What an ugly, ugly name for a shopping day; see my #BoycottBlackFriday hashtag on Twitter. It was chilly, about 18 degrees. I had a digital camera with me – my Fuji compact SLR – and an analog camera — a $3 plastic Vivitar box camera grabbed from the bin at the local thrift store. I got there late in the day, so I raced the sunlight, but found a few things to shoot. These were my two favorites, a chilly landscape and a falcon (I think a prairie falcon, similar to a peregrine) perched high in a tree and searching for food.

Cherry Creek State Park

A chilly landscape just after Thanksgiving.

Winter Falcon Colorado

A falcon, probably a prairie falcon, searches the winter landscape in Colorado’s Cherry Creek State Park for food. Nov. 2015