A computer billionaire is found dead in his posh Denver home.

 Cops say it was a suicide.

 Investigative reporter Vic Bengston disagrees.

Baby Boomer Vic Bengston investigates … assaulting a federal agent along the way, dodging bullets, smashing into a few immovable objects, finding bit of romance in Key West, smoking out  a killer, and uncovering a secret that shakes the very foundation of the Republic.

What readers say about VOTE … ”Schneider has produced another fun read with a captivating story … Loved the second book in the Vic Bengston series! Kept me reading – hard to put it down.”

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WATER: A Vic Bengston InvestigationA sensational murder!

A life and death battle over water! 

Can a relentless reporter find the killer?

What readers say about WATER … ”Terrific! Schneider’s portraits of a narcissistic legislator, a corrupt water lawyer and desperate farmers all ring true in this contemporary saga of Colorado water wars … Hooked from the first page … Filled with solid twists and turns … Full of surprises … A fast read … Impossible to put down … Compelling and interesting water issues behind the mystery … Grabs your attention immediately.”

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